Driving in the winter can be a stressful experience as the weather can make what should be a short drive into a longer adventure and when your car is not in the best shape, driving in the winter can actually be unsafe. To make your drive much safer, make the drive over to Key Nissan of Lebanon in Lebanon, NH and our service center can help swap your regular tires to your winter tires and give you more comfort and capability on any road!

When it comes to the winter weather, it is incredibly important to use the proper tires to ensure that your car will be ready to perform on snow and ice with much more confidence. With winter tires you will feel much more traction on the roads around Claremont and Hanover, ensuring that even when the weather turns, you can still feel safer on the road.

One of the big reasons that drivers want to consider winter tires when the weather gets colder and the snow starts to fall, is that these tires made differently than your average all-season tires. First of all, the actual rubber that is used is much different that will allow them to perform better in colder weather. Secondly, the actual tread patterns of a winter tire are much different than that of a regular tire to help it keep snow from accumulating on your tire. When those two aspects come together you are going to get something that will be ready to perform through snow, ice, slush, mud and just on cold pavement.

Drivers in the Springfield, VT and Norwich, VT will love being able to visit on-site service center at Key Nissan of Lebanon! Here we are ready to help more drivers get something that will be perfect on any road through the upcoming winter. Visit us today and get your Nissan ready for all of your winter adventures. See you soon!