Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. In order to keep your vehicle as dependable and efficient as possible, you must bring your vehicle into Key Nissan of Lebanon routinely for oil changes, inspections, and other maintenance. Without performing these routine services, your vehicle will end up needing some pretty major repairs within a few years.

Oil Changes

Oil changes don’t take a lot of time, but the effects of an oil change are very substantial. Once your vehicle has been driven regularly for six months or for a pre-determined amount of miles (check your Nissan handbook), swapping out that old oil for something fresh will do your engine good. It can also boost your efficiency numbers, so you’re filling up in Claremont much less. Oil changes can protect your vehicle as a whole.


A routine inspection is necessary each year. Not only does this help you comply with state law in Lebanon, but this is an opportunity for our staff to catch any issues that are creeping up with your automobile. We can usually fix these problems before they become serious or dangerous. Inspections also give you an insight into what parts of your vehicle may need to be replaced or repaired in the near future. We’ll give you a heads up for things like tire quality and brake life.

Servicing Your Tires Near Hanover

Tires are an important safety feature on your automobile. They provide you with a steady grip on the roads of Springfield, VT, regardless of what surface you’re driving on. Routine tire service includes things like tire rotations, replacing your current set of tires with something new and swapping out your seasonal tires for your other set.

Schedule an Appointment Today

The service department at Key Nissan of Lebanon is designed to provide you with the fastest and best maintenance and repairs around the Norwich, VT area. Whether you need an oil change, inspection, or something much more serious is going on, we’re happy to bring your vehicle in for an appointment. If you’re not sure what maintenance your vehicle needs, we can help get you started on an easy-to-follow maintenance schedule.

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